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    Joaquin Manay, AKA Joey, was born in Uruguay, and came to Canada in 2003. He graduated from Brock University in 2013 with a BA in Visual Arts and graduated from the Visual Effects postgrad program at George Brown College in 2017. Joaquin has worked as a part-time Professor at George Brown College teaching 3D visualization and has worked as a CG artist for The Vanity VFX ( Along with a team, he has worked on commercials for national and international agencies. He is also involved in the community through facilitating beatbox workshops that inspire collaboration and creativity.

   As an artist, Manay strives to achieve personal development by exercising various methods of creation. These include visual arts with traditional, digital and digital 3D media as well as motion and sound. Joaquin has worked with many organizations as an exhibiting artist, instructor, and performer. These organizations include Unity Charity, Art Gallery of Ontario, The Station Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Turn-Around Project, Beatbox Canada, Surrey Place, the Livingroom Community Art Center, the City of Oshawa and many others. Manay encourages others to join him by exploring their own creativity. Joaquin was awarded the Oshawa Culture Counts Emerging Artist Award in 2019.



  • RBC Canadian Immigrant Awards Shortlisted from hundreds of nominations among the top 75 for the  2020 RBC Canadian Immigrants Award


  • Culture Counts - Emerging Artist Award, City of Oshawa, ON

  • Culture Counts Panel Discussion, Arts Resource Center, Oshawa, ON

  • Unity Charity Festival 3V3 battles, Northern Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON (group freestyle battle)

  • Wunderlit Magazine, (artist feature)

  • RMG Friday, Robert Mclaughling Gallery, Oshawa, ON (performance with Chris Wunderlich)



  • Rennaissance Man, Episode 01, TV show, Bell Canada, (artist spotlight, feature)

  •  Unity Festival,  Margin of Eras Gallery, Toronto, ON (group show)


  • Joaquin Manay, Solo Show, The Paint Factory, Oshawa, ON (solo show + performance)

  • Keynote Speaker @CIS Ontario Student Art Festival, Trafalgar Castle School, Whitby, ON

  • Durham Reach, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON (group show & performance)

  • Mayor's Evening for the Arts, Metro Convention Center, Toronto, ON (group performance)



  • Oshawa Center Opening Mural, Oshawa Center, Oshawa, ON (Mural)

  • Whitby Bell box Mural, Dundas st. W and White oaks, Whitby, ON (Mural)

  • Food Truck Frenzy, Station Gallery, Whitby, ON (performance)

  • Unity Festival, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON (group show)



  • Motor City Stories, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON (group show)

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the time, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON (performance)



  • Almost here, Almost There “an excerpt”, Durham art Gallery, Durham, ON (group show)



  • Almost Here, Almost There (Honours Exhibition), Rodman Hall Art Centre, St.Catharines, ON (group show)

  • Crystalline: an art under glass show, Strega Café, St. Catharines, ON (group show)



  • Drawing Near, Center for the Arts, Sean O’Sullivan Theater, St. Catharines, ON (group show)

  • Silent Conversations, Sean O’ Sullivan Gallery, Center For The Arts, St Catharines, ON (group show)

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